Upselling is a popular and effective way of creating extra revenue for your business, whether it be promoting your latest special or adding on a cheeky side with that main. But there’s one thing you really need on board for this tactic to work – your staff. Workers may make no attempt to upsell, often through a fear of seeming pushy, unconvincing, or turning off the customer. So, how do you get your staff excited about upselling in your restaurant?

Skills can be taught, personality can’t.   Recruit for personality and let it shine through, providing a more intimate experience for your guests. Allowing them to experience products and services first hand means staff can develop their own dialogue about your menu, and in turn want to share their opinions. A personal touch can go a long way – servers who are encouraged to be themselves at work up-sell naturally.

Upselling as experience enhancement.    Nobody likes to be sold to. Your staff know this, which is likely the root of their ‘robot waiter’ concerns. Rather than trotting out standardised phrases, train them to read the customer and suggest alternative dishes or add-ons that suit their needs. ‘Upselling’ doesn’t need to be sales – servers are there to enhance experience, and this includes helping guests be aware of everything on offer.

Recognise their hard work.   Research into fast food restaurants has found that providing workers with frequent performance feedback, along with positive social re-enforcements, greatly increases the likelihood that staff will attempt to upsell. Feedback such as this is simple, costs nothing for your business, and has a big impact! It may also be worth considering small incentives and rewards that motivate participation across the company.

Upsell through CSR.   When you decide to care about your social agenda, it shows. Staff that believe in the ethics of their employer have been found to have higher job satisfaction and commitment to their role – but how does being a business that cares relate to encouraging upselling, and ultimately your profits? With Foodinate, the power of choice doesn’t only lie with your customers, but with you too. Sales of higher margin items have been found to increase when Foodinate stickered, meaning staff are more likely to upsell items they know provide meals for those in need. Win-win. 

blog-profile-image Author : Lara
Published : September 28, 2017

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