This week I am delighted to be introducing a new member to the Foodinate family, Nick, who I've flung straight into the hot seat with a Q&A so we can all get to know him a little better! Please join me in welcoming our new Business Development Manager, Nick! 


Hi Nick! I'm so excited to welcome you to the team! Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your previous experiences?

Great to be here gal-pal!

Sure, I suppose I’m still a relatively recent graduate? That’s what I like to tell myself at least. Straight after University I spent a year working as a sabbatical officer at the Students’ Union down at Bath Spa (where I studied). I took the lead on all of the clubs, societies, volunteering and RAG and it was an amazing year. I was surrounded by some very inspirational humans.

I then moved up to Manchester to join GradTouch;a tech start-up who help graduates to find their dream job through media. I was on the sales team and it completely blew all preconceptions I had about working in sales out of the park. I was firmly out of my comfort zone, where the magic happens, and learnt enough in 2 years to help me open this exciting new door at Foodinate.

What about outside of work - what do you like to do?

I play squash most evenings and am a pretty keen cycler. I love the sun, a difficult hobby to maintain up in Manchester, so when I get some time away it tends to be somewhere hot. In my downtime I love a good book or podcast.

Tell us one surprising thing about you!

I have 8 metal plates in my face, but I don’t set the alarm off at airports.

What made you decide to apply for a role at Foodinate?

I wanted my next move to be somewhere that I could start to make a positive impact upon the world.

Having lived in Bath and Manchester in the past few years I have always been close to the food poverty crisis, and found it really frustrating to be honest.We live in a country that has the capacity to feed everybody, everyday - and then some. But somehow we manage to fall well off the mark!

Basically, it’s really easy to observe and discuss these serious issues. But the tangible driver of change is action - which is exactly what Foodinate do, and exactly what I wanted to be a part of.

So I know you've only been with us for one week but can you tell us how have you been finding it so far?

Very enjoyable! As with any new job there’s a fair bit to get your head round, and it’s been great to get stuck in from the get-go.

I’m finding it really empowering; knowing that the effort you put in has the capacity to help people who are in need. Onwards, upwards, and everything inbetween!

And lastly - what are you most looking forward to?

Isn’t there a new series of Love Island out?

Sorry, worst joke ever. In the short term, I can’t wait to sign up that first new partner restaurant to the cause. In the long term, I can only summarise my excitement with the phrase - “changing the world”.

blog-profile-image Author : Caroline
Published : June 20, 2017

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