It’s all smiles in the office today – we’ve reached our 7,000 meal milestone! That's over 7,000 times that:

-> You, the beautiful British public, have made a choice to #EatMealGiveMeal

-> You have made a powerful decision to take a stand against food poverty

-> That a meal has been provided to someone in need!

We never dreamed we’d come this far so quickly, and it’s all down to our partners and supporters – the more you choose to Foodinate, the more restaurants we can get on board, and the more lives we can touch. Guess we were right all along – giving REALLY never tasted so good! It’s important to remember, though, that there is still a long road ahead.

...But as we like to say, we have no plans to slow down.

Thank you all!

blog-profile-image Author : Lara
Published : May 15, 2017

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