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Foodinate is a social enterprise tackling food poverty in the UK

Eat a meal, give a meal

We live in the 7th richest country in the whole, entire world yet more than 13 MILLION people in the UK are living below the poverty line, and around 1 in every 6 parents have reported going without food themselves so they can afford to feed their families.

By forming partnerships with restaurants, venues and grassroots charities, Foodinate ensures that every delicious Foodinate-selected drink or meal you enjoy with our partners results in a meal for a local person in need. At no extra cost to you.

How it Works - go to a Foodinate partner restaurant:

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Foodinate Fork Icon
Phase 3

Step 1 - Pick a restaurant

Pick your favourite Foodinate-partnered restaurant. Keep an eye out on our Restaurant Partners page and in the media for our expanding list of Foodinating fooderies!

Step 2 - Order a meal

Order any item on the menu that has been marked with a Foodinate fork icon and enjoy your meal!

Step 3 - Feed the hungry

For every Foodinate item sold, the restaurant funds a nourishing meal for a local person in need in your community.
Yes, it really is that simple. No, there is no extra cost to you at all.

How it Works - Book an event at a Foodinate partner venue:

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Phase 2

Step 1 - Pick a venue

What kind of event are you planning? Whether it's a formal sit-down dinner, awards ceremony, wedding or training day, we hope to have a Foodinated venue to suit you! Check out our "Events & Catering Partners" page for a full list.

Step 2 - meal for meal

For every single person attending your event, the Foodinated venue will cover the cost of a hot, nourishing meal for a local person in need.

Step 3 - let your attendees know

You get to kick your event off by with a really amazing, powerful message:

"For every single person who has attended today, a meal will be provided for a local person in need."


What our partners say

"We cannot thank Foodinate and its London partners enough for this. Last year we served over 23,000 meals to people in need in London. We have a huge job on our hands so this is hugely needed and appreciated, and the fact the donations are regular makes it even more important as we can plan ahead and try to make sure we are prepared for the unfortunate growing need for our services."

- Cecilia Seres, Project Manager at The Upper Room

"Foodinate and it's Manchester partners allow us to not rely on waste food, food that’s just about to go out of date, or food that might be damaged. It also allows our beneficiaries to volunteer in our kitchens, to have the opportunity to come up with their own recipe ideas with me, learn new skills in cooking, in budgeting, and to get involved in making positive decisions which is a hugely powerful tool for recovery.”

- Shaun Carmody, Head Chef at Mustard Tree

“Food provision is so important as it provides one of life’s basic needs as well as being an effective way to bring about long-term positive change. A huge thank you to the Foodinate partners in Nottingham for helping us drive change in our community.”

– Sam Crawford, Chief Executive at The Friary

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